Do You Really Understand Your SEO Services

Technology is progressing at lightning pace these days, and as society scrambles to keep up, our lifestyle changes to acquiesce it. And as our lifestyle changes, the technology adapts, creating a perpetual race of one trying to understand the other better. So if you’re not even trying to understand the full impact of your digital presence, you’re going to get left behind as everyone else snowballs on. Which brings us to our first step of creating a truly powerful website; SEO. If you’re looking for tips, tricks, or complete SEO services in Perth, you’ve come to the right place (and just in time). Scroll down to see our explanation of how you can make SEO work for you.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the practice of developing your page in a way that encourages search engines to offer your site to viewers who search a certain set of keywords. Well, you wouldn’t expect to see army tanks when you search for pasta recipes, so SEO is a law of nature when it comes to our internet use. And by understanding the process around it, you can make incredibly subtle adjustments to your page to make yourself seem like a trustworthy source to the search engine overlords.

3D word SEO with Target and Dart

  • Keywords
    Internet browsers search by combinations of keywords, and once those keywords start entering your niche (e.g. ‘back pain’ or ‘chiropractors’ if you run a chiropractic clinic) you want your business to rise to the top of the rankings, making you a solid first choice. After some simple keyword analysis, you can pick your most effective keywords and ensure your page uses it well. By naturally including keywords in metadata, URLs, alt-text and content- without going overboard- you are signaling that you know your topic and have based your web presence accordingly.
  • Links
    Use links within your webpage, showing relevance of one piece of content to another, to show an active engagement in your site. Internal links also help visitors to navigate quickly and easily throughout your page, therefore spending more time on your website- another Google recognizes as a mark of credibility. You can also link back to other websites who you’ve referenced, or think are relevant, to show interest in your niche. Linking to another website is a display of their authority over a subject matter, so to receive a link from another website leading to yours is great for your web presence too.
  • Keep it Fresh
    Websites that are being keep current and exciting are more likely to be ranked higher, as they are clearly more involved in their content. By creating fresh, new content, such as blogs and multimedia, you are showing ongoing enthusiasm for keeping your viewers engaged, and you’re more likely to have more followers or links from other sites too!
  • Find an Expert
    While the fundamentals of SEO are rather straightforward, the continued maintenance and production of content is a whole new job. We believe every business owner should have some idea of how their online business navigates the digital realm, and we’re here to assist those who know it’s the kind of job that needs a firm hand from an industry specialist. If you don’t have a digital marketing team who know who to maximize your SEO strategies, then find one. I’ll give you a clue; we’re right here.

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