Have You Started Your SMS Marketing In Perth

It’s a fine line we walk; understanding how to engage with our customers. Each industry and business has its own preferences, and you’ll rue the day you get it backwards if you don’t put some serious thought into your strategies. It’s all variable, from the Perth health store to the Margaret River vineyard- without caution you’ll either bombard them, and they’ll resent you, or you’ll neglect them and they’ll forget you. If you’re contemplating adding sms services to your digital marketing strategy,read through these points and potential pitfalls first; it takes an all-encompassing understanding of your marketing before you add bulk sms services to the list.

In the last breath of our time here on Earth, we have bound ourselves to these little magic screens, around the clock. There are millions of these proto-nanobots, sitting in pockets and bags across the globe. We use them to interact with one another incessantly- but it can be difficult to gauge whether your customer will like this extra level of engagement.
A person’s eyes might glaze over when they see an ad, or they may delete your emails, but a text will almost always get read since the receiver equates a text to a real extension of immediate communication. After all, you wouldn’t pretend not hear someone if they sat down beside you and called you by your name!


This is an extremely useful tool, already automated in place by many local institutes. You can get a text reminder about your kids school trip, your overdue library books, or an upcoming flight. As this is a one-way interaction, they may include a phone number or webpage to visit for further information or to direct any enquiries, therefore eliciting response from the customer and inviting them to become further engaged with your brand.

So, sounds pretty good right? And for the most part, it is! You can reach a targeted audience, with anything from “tsunami warning” to “everything 50% off”, and give them the links to delve a little deeper if they feel inclined. But there are a few other factors to consider.

You cannot just fire SMS content off into the crowds, you need consent from your audience where they opt in to your service, and they always have the option to opt out. This means that if you happen to convince a hundred people to sign up for your text alerts, and then bomb them with spam messages or something else annoying, you’re going to lose your database. You will have to be thoughtful when constructing your SMS strategies, to ensure your customer want your messages, or at least don’t mind them.

Last but not least, is cell service interruption. Sometimes you can’t predict everything, and the old “I didn’t get your text” chestnut is still claiming viability. Every so often the text message goes into space and doesn’t come back down, is my thorough understanding. So while you can’t usually prepare for that, or avoid it, it is a factor to be aware of.

If this sounds like a tactic you’d like to dive a little deeper in to, then get in touch with our team here at Dilate Digital. We are digital marketing experts– we understand the human effect of our digital efforts, and how that can mean big returns for you. Some have called us the “bionic men and women of the marketing world”, but we don’t want to brag. We just want to do what we do best, and deliver powerful, personal web design and strategies to our clients.


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