Perth, Meet Adwords, I Feel Like You Two Will Get Along

For any business owner with an online presence, Adwords is definitely a tool worth looking in to. The idea is that there are probably hundreds, if not thousands, of people searching your niche on Google. Whether you’re offering a product, service, or information, you can display your ad at the top of the search results when a person searches the keywords you’ve decided you want to lead back to your business. Google Adword services are used by businesses of all shapes and sizes to reach their target audience, and efficient campaign management is crucial to have a successful Adwords campaign. But what should you be aware of before you start?

Adwords is one of Googles advertising tools, where businesses can promote themselves above organically ranked results, meaning more customer exposure and likelihood of visitors. With a PPC, or pay-per-click, campaign like this, Google will expect a small return for the leads it generates. By choosing keywords which are highly relevant to your page, your quality score will increase and it may give you the chance to lower your bid. Your click-through rate, or CTR, is the percentage of people who clicked your ads divided by the amount of people who saw it. This will tell you just how relevant your Adwords campaign is to your designated keywords.

adwords tips

If you are able – There are a lot of metrics to consider, from cost per conversion and clicks, to average conversion value. These all need to be assessed and analyzed so that you can make successful adjustments, and avoid trying to fix something that’s not broken. A successful call to action is another critical part of a great campaign that can give drastic results when used correctly. A call to action isthe link trying to encourage the user to perform a certain action, such as “Click Here” or “Download our free podcast”. This encourages further interaction from them, as well as giving you the chance to bulk out your email strategies with the new contact information.

Your keyword choice will determine a huge part of your outcome, so choose wisely. Single worded keywords tend to attract searchers who aren’t sure of what results they want so probably aren’t interested in buying so early- so unless you’re really confident, keep your keywords closely aligned to your service. For an example, we will pretend our business is in water filter installation, and we want our keywords to be “water filter installation”. You can decide on the match type for your campaign, which has four main types;

  • Exact Match
    This is where your ad will be displayed if your keyword selection is matched exactly.
    -“water filter installation” , but not “best local water filter installation”
  • Phrase Match
    Here the keyword must appear in the same order in the search query
    -“Local water filter installation in Perth”, but not “water filter cheap installation”
  • Broad Match
    Here the reins are given to Google a bit more, and Google will decide what search terms are most relevant to your keywords. You may end up spending a lot of your budget on trying to sell your installation service to people who searched “water hose installation”, or “how to install an air filter”.
  • Broad Match Modifier
    This is the balancing act of options 3 and 4. Google is told that each word in your chosen keyword has to be present in the search query, in any order. This means that you’re likely to reach a large base, and this can be used alongside Exact Match in a successful campaign.

The most important part of your Adwords campaign is the data you collect for analysis, which will help you to further improve and refine your tactics in order to reach even more people. Test a variety of ads, calls to action, concepts, and other tweaks and adjustments. You ay find a voice which your customers relate to easier, which will result in more visitors and more sales.

Of course there is a whole lot more to Adwords, and Google is only getting more and more intuitive, but the above should give you a fair idea of what to expect and aim for. Here at Dilate, we know Adwords like the back of our hand- so, if you need any help, just ask! We can help with your Adwords campaign, as well as your SEO strategies, web design, content, and all of your online marketing needs.


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