Why Isnt Your Content Marketing Working

Digital marketers worldwide will agree; content marketing is a cornerstone of your digital marketing strategies, but it must be put in place very carefully. Currently, only 7% of B2B marketers are not using content marketing, but half of those who are utilising it say they are not effective at it.

For such a widely used and potentially powerful tool, it’s worth noting that there are many potholes on the way to a powerful content marketing strategy, and many businesses struggle to make sense of how to properly develop their content marketing services. We’ve decided to explore some of the more common problems that content marketers are facing, so you can troubleshoot any hiccups your marketing strategies face. So, why isn’t your content marketing working?


You Need To Loosen The Purse Strings


Marketing is a huge part of any company, and has a resounding effect on how successful your business will be – so this should be reflected in how you invest your funds.

Marketers are now spending $44 billion on content marketing, sounding out loud and clear that this is a strategy worth putting money in. While you may be hesitant to spend on your content, the reality is that the more you spend, the more results you’ll see.


This is summarised as ROI; where marketers are currently spending more than 25% of their budget on content marketing to see their online strategies turning into extra revenue. Traditional marketing is still capable of generating leads but, at $373, the $143 leads from content marketing a clearly much more valuable investment.


However, just relying on a big budget won’t get you across the finish line. This money should be directed at finding quality strategies with quality content developers and marketers – otherwise you’re looking at a scary slope. If you’re struggling to find enough funds to allocate, focus on the less expensive methods of content marketing and save the pricier content strategies for later.



Your Niche Isn’t Too Welcoming


There may be a few ways that your niche is working against you, so don’t rush into damage control before you identify where your problems might be hiding. Some industries will be pretty difficult to gain any traction in content marketing; from industries where consumers aren’t on the internet, smaller niche industries with small followings, and industries that are hard to find any interest in. There is no easy road to fix this as these circumstances come with the industry you’re in, it might just be a simple matter of formulating and testing new strategies, and running with whatever works.


Your niche could also be placing restrictions on you if there is a major competitor dominating the web, and you’re left to fill in the corners. This one is a little harder to fix, but it can be done through an unwavering perseverance. Continue to produce content, and work on making it more helpful and more relevant than theirs. Find your merry band of devoted followers – it may not be bigger than your competitors, but if you give them a good reason to love you then you could see the numbers grow!



You’re Not Marketing Your Content


Sometimes it’s the simple problems that elude us.


Content marketing is not just creating content, and waiting for the online traffic to blow your hair back. There’s another stage to your strategy which is often bizarrely overlooked -I am, of course, talking about the marketing. These two stages must complement one another; you must produce high-quality content, then you must effectively promote and market this content.


This might be through an email, social media, or sharing your content with other bloggers and site owners; however you do it, spreading the word about your content is just as important as developing quality content.

Your Content Needs Work


How does your content stack up? Is it well constructed, helpful, thought-provoking, engaging, or entertaining?
If it’s not, then you could be looking at the major flaw in your content marketing strategy. Not only could this be negatively affecting your strategy, but it’s also reflecting poorly on your brand. Maybe you’ve tried to save cash and hire a cheap content writer and hoped nobody would notice.

Maybe you’re producing your own content but you haven’t done any research into what your market wants or needs, so your content is coming across as dry or plain while you struggle to find new topics.

Regardless of whether you’re doing it yourself, or you’ve found an extra set of hands, the quality of your content will play a huge part in how successful it is. If you’re in a rather… dry industry, you may find it difficult to find new and exciting ways to develop your content. However, continue to forge ahead and think outside of the box.




Content marketing is a growing industry; companies with active blogs receive 97% more leads, and the connection from company to consumer should not be underestimated. 61% of consumers say they feel better about a company that delivers custom content, and they’re more likely to buy from them, while 78% agree that quality custom content is a sign of a business that is interested in building relationships. If you’re not paying attention to your content, or if your strategies aren’t working with your audience, then you could be damaging your reputation among your customers and harming your business overall.

Dilate Digital is a digital marketing agency, based in Perth. Our content creation and development team provide our clients with industry-leading content marketing services, and we can help you to develop fun, interesting, and engaging content for your audience.



The Five Critical Principles Of Mobile Web Design

We don’t mean to alarm you, but if you’re not paying attention to your mobile web design, then you are shooting yourself in the foot. Well, you should be a little alarmed.


After all, 52% of searches, and half of shopping traffic, are now coming from mobile devices, so if your website is incompatible, then you can expect users to turn their noses up and look elsewhere. Still, nearly half of marketers are neglecting their mobile web design- that means that if you’re optimised for mobile, you are instantly ahead of the half of your niche that isn’t.


There are a few basic things you can do. Follow these five critical principles to mobile web design, to ensure your mobile site is as user-friendly as your other sites.


1- Keep Your Menus Simple

With a smaller screen, there is simply no way to comfortably expect the user to find their way through menus with dozens of options. Try to only use a couple sub-menus with each menu, and only 5-6 items per menu. This will take the strain off navigating your page, and let the user find just what they want


2- Lose Some Of The Red Tape

While on your desktop, forms are easy enough to complete and submit. However, on mobile devices, the keyboard combined with the smaller screen make it a labyrinth. Here, you should only ask for information which is absolutely necessary. If you have an online newsletter, a name and email is sufficient- you don’t need their birthday or home address. It could be the difference between someone signing up, and someone rolling their eyes and hitting ‘back’.


3- Use Powerful CTA’s

Not many mobile browsers will end up on a site without some form of intent, so ensure you have a compelling, visible call-to-action to show them how to sign up/contact the team / buy now.


4- Rule Of Thumb

Don’t forget, your users aren’t navigating with those cute little cursors. They’ve got big 44px-by-44px thumb pads to try find their way around with. So there’s no time for tiny buttons, or pop-ups with the ‘close’ buttons crammed up next to the ‘sign up’ buttons. This also extends to the text size- if your user needs to zoom in to see the fine print, then you’ll notice a lot of traffic coming and going.


5- Time Is Of The Essence

If you’ve got more than 1MB for your entire site, it will probably result in a long load time- which is enough to have lost the attention of the mobile user. Watch your site size, and how it affects your online load time.



For more web design tips, check out the rest of our Dilate Digital blog. Dilate Digital is a website design company, based in Perth WA. If you need expert assistance from website designers, developers, and strategists, call our team today and find out what we can do for you.



Recipe For The Perfect Domain Name Registration

Your domain name is hugely important; it is how people will find and connect with your brand online, and there is a delicate balance of a few variables that will decide how successful your domain (and overall campaign) will be. If your domain name is the birthday cake, your campaign is the whole party – attract more guests with a tasty domain name and watch your traffic climb!


Think About The Users

To ensure that your online audience can always find you, snap up the domains which are commonly misspelt variations of your own. It doesn’t mean you need a dozen websites – they can all lead back to your current webpage, but it means you don’t lose reach to websites trying to mop up your extra traffic. Use this tool to find the common misspellings of your domain. You might also want to consider slang, such as ‘express’ and ‘xpress’, ‘you’ and ‘u’.


Target Your Location And Keywords

If you can, include keywords which will help your search engine ranking and help users to find you. For example, your cabinetry business might be called Evolve, but http://www.evolve.com leaves more questions than http://www.evolvecabinetry.com. Your location could also be helpful for search engines to help you find your audience, so businesses operating locally will benefit.


A Sprinkle Of Characters

In 2009, a domain study found that of the most popular 1 million websites, the average length of domain characters was 10, and the top 50 domains averaged 6. Now, this is relatively easy for large brands to achieve – their brand name is synonymous with their product, so they simply don’t need to include anything else. If you intend on becoming a recognised brand name, then aim for catchy and succinct. If you intend on operating under a name related to your industry or niche, try to keep the word count to a maximum of three, and minimal character count.


The Icing On The Domain

The extension on your domain is important, and common sense will dictate that ‘.com’ is the most trusted and recognised extension; ‘.net’ and ‘.org’ are reliable too, but any obscure extensions will make it difficult for users to find you.


Preheat With Early Registration

You don’t need a website to register a domain. You can just go ahead and purchase the domain and deliberate on the website later – but leave it too long and you might find another business opening halfway across the world with the same domain as you, and now you have to start from scratch again. Buy your domain from a trusted provider, and look for the price tag. Some domain companies still think they can charge an arm and a leg, but domains are competitively priced if you know where to look.




Why Your Facebook Advertising Isn’t Being Seen

Social media has become an online marketplace, with 1.55 billion attentive Facebook users looking for products, news, and inspiration every month. The significance of this online marketplace is in the process of our Facebook advertising – if I wanted to advertise to 35-45-year-olds living in Perth, who like a particular author, I streamline my marketing directly to them.

This should be the peak of your marketing successes – so why are yours not being seen, or producing less than ideal returns?

Reason One: Your Net Is Too Wide (Or In The Wrong Spot Altogether)

The reason Facebook Advertising is at the centre of everyone’s attention is the ability to refine and tweak your targeting. If you’re pouring your time and effort into creating an advertising platform, understanding your audience is imperative to seeing results. If your target audience is too wide, too narrow, or simply the wrong demographic altogether, your results could suffer.

Ensure that you understand your actual audience – while you may have initially designed your product for families, you may find it has an alternate (and more successful) use for young professionals. Without analysing and understanding this, you could be funnelling your advertising away from half of your market. Likewise, if your advertising is costing you big bucks to display on every screen in the Southern Hemisphere, look at dialling it back – we love your enthusiasm, but some careful trimming could go a long way for you and your bottom line.

Reason Two: Your Image Is Dull

Facebook, in its glorious multimedia form, is adored for its engaging and interesting content which is usually led by an eye-catching image. Words can take readers into the core of the matter, but your graphics need to be interesting or entertaining to stop them from scrolling past you. Users are pretty accustomed to dismissing ads, so use a natural-feeling and engaging image to stop them in their tracks and have their attention.

Reason Three: They Yawn At Your Headline

You don’t have the capacity to say a lot in your Facebook advertising, so don’t waste it. Make it concise and intriguing, with the pressure on a pleasure or pain point of your audience. Offer something that will increase their comfort, such as a free gift or postage, or help them to avoid discomforts that may come from missing out on your deal, such as wasting money on an alternative. By asking a question, or leaving them searching for more information, they’re also more likely to follow your link – they’ll become curious, and come to you. Like moths to a flame.

Reason Four: You Haven’t Updated Or Tested Your Ads

This is a HUGE mistake. Even if you’ve got a catchy title and a dazzling photo, it will start fading into the background as users become more used to ignoring it on their feeds. With a shelf-life of a few days, you should be changing and updating your Facebook marketing regularly. This is also a reason we staunchly support AB testing – by split testing your advertising efforts regularly, you can follow the market closely through trends and spikes, as your understanding of them is constantly honing in.

Facebook marketing can be precarious to the uninitiated – the above are only simple troubleshooting tools, there are so many more factors to consider when you’re analysing the overall value of your marketing. Dilate Digital is a Perth-based digital marketing agency, with the team and the tools to boost your business into the online world. Want to learn more yourself? Dilate proudly offers consulting services for businesses, who wish to be the master of their own online destiny with all the industry secrets. Simply contact our team to find out more.

Perth Experts On Three Mistaken Beliefs About Adwords

Digital marketing is an ever-changing snakes-and-ladders, with some moves sending your ROI up, and some missteps leaving you in the dust. It’s little surprise that so many businesses and digital marketers are tentative about Adwords, as they try to discern where the real benefits are (and if they outweigh the costs). Our Perth team of Adwords management services have heard it all, and if there were four widespread notions that need to be taken out, once and for all, these are them.

Adwords Is All About The Bid Price

In many cases where a ‘bid’ is necessary, such as an auction, this assumption makes perfect sense. But don’t forget that Google is not necessarily just a facilitator that blindly fronts up any Adwords with the heaviest wallet. It also requires moderation of advertising, to ensure that Google preserves their reputation for displaying relevant, helpful ads to users, and doesn’t end up tired and irrelevant. Your Quality Score has a large impact on how much you’ll be spending, with a higher Quality Score making your bids more valuable. For example, if you’re prepared to bid $2 with a Quality Score of 7, and your competitor is bidding $4 with a Quality Score of 3, you will rank above them (2×7=14, while 3×4=12).

People Don’t Click On Them

This may have once been the case, when the ‘advertising’ gimmick was misunderstood and mistrusted. Many users once felt that this form of advertising was too invasive, too intuitive, and could not be trusted – some would actively ignore them to go for organic search results. It didn’t take long for users to see past the superstition, and realise that this was actually the perfect way to access their favourite brands, and now Google Adwords receives about 50 million clicks per day.

My Competitors Can Use My Clicks And Cost Me

This has been the bogeyman of Adwords for a while; that competitors can find your Adwords, and click on your links to use up your budget with no intent of giving you returns. Google has been extremely proactive in confronting this, with technology in place to analyse IP addresses and identify any potential click fraud. If businesses feel as though they have been targeted, they can always contact Google to launch an investigation, and can expect reimbursement of any fraudulent clicks.

It’s Complicated, And Not Worth My Time

Wrong! Wrong, wrong, wrong. Google is one of the most accessed platforms on the internet, with search results yielding hundreds of thousands of pages. If you’re on page three (let alone three thousand), you’re lucky to be found once in a blue moon.

Many businesses have developed a website without search engine optimisation, so when potential customers search their brand they’ll see the TripAdvisor, Yelp, Zomato, directories, and other review or reference sites before they see the business – depending on how many times the brand is mentioned elsewhere, it may not even be on the first page of results. Even if you are top-ranking in your niche, you may find that you want to promote your product into a new corner of the market, and target new keywords. Using Adwords, you’ll put your brand name in front of a whole new audience, with visible results to track and analyse.

Adwords management is an integral part of a successful marketing campaign, and if you think it’s too complicated or not worth your time, ask the team at Dilate to dive in and show you what it can do for your business. Our Google Adwords management services can nurture your campaigns for you, with a results-based team of Perth experts behind the wheel. Contact us today to find out more.