Perth Experts On Three Mistaken Beliefs About Adwords

Digital marketing is an ever-changing snakes-and-ladders, with some moves sending your ROI up, and some missteps leaving you in the dust. It’s little surprise that so many businesses and digital marketers are tentative about Adwords, as they try to discern where the real benefits are (and if they outweigh the costs). Our Perth team of Adwords management services have heard it all, and if there were four widespread notions that need to be taken out, once and for all, these are them.

Adwords Is All About The Bid Price

In many cases where a ‘bid’ is necessary, such as an auction, this assumption makes perfect sense. But don’t forget that Google is not necessarily just a facilitator that blindly fronts up any Adwords with the heaviest wallet. It also requires moderation of advertising, to ensure that Google preserves their reputation for displaying relevant, helpful ads to users, and doesn’t end up tired and irrelevant. Your Quality Score has a large impact on how much you’ll be spending, with a higher Quality Score making your bids more valuable. For example, if you’re prepared to bid $2 with a Quality Score of 7, and your competitor is bidding $4 with a Quality Score of 3, you will rank above them (2×7=14, while 3×4=12).

People Don’t Click On Them

This may have once been the case, when the ‘advertising’ gimmick was misunderstood and mistrusted. Many users once felt that this form of advertising was too invasive, too intuitive, and could not be trusted – some would actively ignore them to go for organic search results. It didn’t take long for users to see past the superstition, and realise that this was actually the perfect way to access their favourite brands, and now Google Adwords receives about 50 million clicks per day.

My Competitors Can Use My Clicks And Cost Me

This has been the bogeyman of Adwords for a while; that competitors can find your Adwords, and click on your links to use up your budget with no intent of giving you returns. Google has been extremely proactive in confronting this, with technology in place to analyse IP addresses and identify any potential click fraud. If businesses feel as though they have been targeted, they can always contact Google to launch an investigation, and can expect reimbursement of any fraudulent clicks.

It’s Complicated, And Not Worth My Time

Wrong! Wrong, wrong, wrong. Google is one of the most accessed platforms on the internet, with search results yielding hundreds of thousands of pages. If you’re on page three (let alone three thousand), you’re lucky to be found once in a blue moon.

Many businesses have developed a website without search engine optimisation, so when potential customers search their brand they’ll see the TripAdvisor, Yelp, Zomato, directories, and other review or reference sites before they see the business – depending on how many times the brand is mentioned elsewhere, it may not even be on the first page of results. Even if you are top-ranking in your niche, you may find that you want to promote your product into a new corner of the market, and target new keywords. Using Adwords, you’ll put your brand name in front of a whole new audience, with visible results to track and analyse.

Adwords management is an integral part of a successful marketing campaign, and if you think it’s too complicated or not worth your time, ask the team at Dilate to dive in and show you what it can do for your business. Our Google Adwords management services can nurture your campaigns for you, with a results-based team of Perth experts behind the wheel. Contact us today to find out more.




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