Why Your Facebook Advertising Isn’t Being Seen

Social media has become an online marketplace, with 1.55 billion attentive Facebook users looking for products, news, and inspiration every month. The significance of this online marketplace is in the process of our Facebook advertising – if I wanted to advertise to 35-45-year-olds living in Perth, who like a particular author, I streamline my marketing directly to them.

This should be the peak of your marketing successes – so why are yours not being seen, or producing less than ideal returns?

Reason One: Your Net Is Too Wide (Or In The Wrong Spot Altogether)

The reason Facebook Advertising is at the centre of everyone’s attention is the ability to refine and tweak your targeting. If you’re pouring your time and effort into creating an advertising platform, understanding your audience is imperative to seeing results. If your target audience is too wide, too narrow, or simply the wrong demographic altogether, your results could suffer.

Ensure that you understand your actual audience – while you may have initially designed your product for families, you may find it has an alternate (and more successful) use for young professionals. Without analysing and understanding this, you could be funnelling your advertising away from half of your market. Likewise, if your advertising is costing you big bucks to display on every screen in the Southern Hemisphere, look at dialling it back – we love your enthusiasm, but some careful trimming could go a long way for you and your bottom line.

Reason Two: Your Image Is Dull

Facebook, in its glorious multimedia form, is adored for its engaging and interesting content which is usually led by an eye-catching image. Words can take readers into the core of the matter, but your graphics need to be interesting or entertaining to stop them from scrolling past you. Users are pretty accustomed to dismissing ads, so use a natural-feeling and engaging image to stop them in their tracks and have their attention.

Reason Three: They Yawn At Your Headline

You don’t have the capacity to say a lot in your Facebook advertising, so don’t waste it. Make it concise and intriguing, with the pressure on a pleasure or pain point of your audience. Offer something that will increase their comfort, such as a free gift or postage, or help them to avoid discomforts that may come from missing out on your deal, such as wasting money on an alternative. By asking a question, or leaving them searching for more information, they’re also more likely to follow your link – they’ll become curious, and come to you. Like moths to a flame.

Reason Four: You Haven’t Updated Or Tested Your Ads

This is a HUGE mistake. Even if you’ve got a catchy title and a dazzling photo, it will start fading into the background as users become more used to ignoring it on their feeds. With a shelf-life of a few days, you should be changing and updating your Facebook marketing regularly. This is also a reason we staunchly support AB testing – by split testing your advertising efforts regularly, you can follow the market closely through trends and spikes, as your understanding of them is constantly honing in.

Facebook marketing can be precarious to the uninitiated – the above are only simple troubleshooting tools, there are so many more factors to consider when you’re analysing the overall value of your marketing. Dilate Digital is a Perth-based digital marketing agency, with the team and the tools to boost your business into the online world. Want to learn more yourself? Dilate proudly offers consulting services for businesses, who wish to be the master of their own online destiny with all the industry secrets. Simply contact our team to find out more.


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