Recipe For The Perfect Domain Name Registration

Your domain name is hugely important; it is how people will find and connect with your brand online, and there is a delicate balance of a few variables that will decide how successful your domain (and overall campaign) will be. If your domain name is the birthday cake, your campaign is the whole party – attract more guests with a tasty domain name and watch your traffic climb!


Think About The Users

To ensure that your online audience can always find you, snap up the domains which are commonly misspelt variations of your own. It doesn’t mean you need a dozen websites – they can all lead back to your current webpage, but it means you don’t lose reach to websites trying to mop up your extra traffic. Use this tool to find the common misspellings of your domain. You might also want to consider slang, such as ‘express’ and ‘xpress’, ‘you’ and ‘u’.


Target Your Location And Keywords

If you can, include keywords which will help your search engine ranking and help users to find you. For example, your cabinetry business might be called Evolve, but leaves more questions than Your location could also be helpful for search engines to help you find your audience, so businesses operating locally will benefit.


A Sprinkle Of Characters

In 2009, a domain study found that of the most popular 1 million websites, the average length of domain characters was 10, and the top 50 domains averaged 6. Now, this is relatively easy for large brands to achieve – their brand name is synonymous with their product, so they simply don’t need to include anything else. If you intend on becoming a recognised brand name, then aim for catchy and succinct. If you intend on operating under a name related to your industry or niche, try to keep the word count to a maximum of three, and minimal character count.


The Icing On The Domain

The extension on your domain is important, and common sense will dictate that ‘.com’ is the most trusted and recognised extension; ‘.net’ and ‘.org’ are reliable too, but any obscure extensions will make it difficult for users to find you.


Preheat With Early Registration

You don’t need a website to register a domain. You can just go ahead and purchase the domain and deliberate on the website later – but leave it too long and you might find another business opening halfway across the world with the same domain as you, and now you have to start from scratch again. Buy your domain from a trusted provider, and look for the price tag. Some domain companies still think they can charge an arm and a leg, but domains are competitively priced if you know where to look.





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