The Five Critical Principles Of Mobile Web Design

We don’t mean to alarm you, but if you’re not paying attention to your mobile web design, then you are shooting yourself in the foot. Well, you should be a little alarmed.


After all, 52% of searches, and half of shopping traffic, are now coming from mobile devices, so if your website is incompatible, then you can expect users to turn their noses up and look elsewhere. Still, nearly half of marketers are neglecting their mobile web design- that means that if you’re optimised for mobile, you are instantly ahead of the half of your niche that isn’t.


There are a few basic things you can do. Follow these five critical principles to mobile web design, to ensure your mobile site is as user-friendly as your other sites.


1- Keep Your Menus Simple

With a smaller screen, there is simply no way to comfortably expect the user to find their way through menus with dozens of options. Try to only use a couple sub-menus with each menu, and only 5-6 items per menu. This will take the strain off navigating your page, and let the user find just what they want


2- Lose Some Of The Red Tape

While on your desktop, forms are easy enough to complete and submit. However, on mobile devices, the keyboard combined with the smaller screen make it a labyrinth. Here, you should only ask for information which is absolutely necessary. If you have an online newsletter, a name and email is sufficient- you don’t need their birthday or home address. It could be the difference between someone signing up, and someone rolling their eyes and hitting ‘back’.


3- Use Powerful CTA’s

Not many mobile browsers will end up on a site without some form of intent, so ensure you have a compelling, visible call-to-action to show them how to sign up/contact the team / buy now.


4- Rule Of Thumb

Don’t forget, your users aren’t navigating with those cute little cursors. They’ve got big 44px-by-44px thumb pads to try find their way around with. So there’s no time for tiny buttons, or pop-ups with the ‘close’ buttons crammed up next to the ‘sign up’ buttons. This also extends to the text size- if your user needs to zoom in to see the fine print, then you’ll notice a lot of traffic coming and going.


5- Time Is Of The Essence

If you’ve got more than 1MB for your entire site, it will probably result in a long load time- which is enough to have lost the attention of the mobile user. Watch your site size, and how it affects your online load time.



For more web design tips, check out the rest of our Dilate Digital blog. Dilate Digital is a website design company, based in Perth WA. If you need expert assistance from website designers, developers, and strategists, call our team today and find out what we can do for you.




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