Why Isnt Your Content Marketing Working

Digital marketers worldwide will agree; content marketing is a cornerstone of your digital marketing strategies, but it must be put in place very carefully. Currently, only 7% of B2B marketers are not using content marketing, but half of those who are utilising it say they are not effective at it.

For such a widely used and potentially powerful tool, it’s worth noting that there are many potholes on the way to a powerful content marketing strategy, and many businesses struggle to make sense of how to properly develop their content marketing services. We’ve decided to explore some of the more common problems that content marketers are facing, so you can troubleshoot any hiccups your marketing strategies face. So, why isn’t your content marketing working?


You Need To Loosen The Purse Strings


Marketing is a huge part of any company, and has a resounding effect on how successful your business will be – so this should be reflected in how you invest your funds.

Marketers are now spending $44 billion on content marketing, sounding out loud and clear that this is a strategy worth putting money in. While you may be hesitant to spend on your content, the reality is that the more you spend, the more results you’ll see.


This is summarised as ROI; where marketers are currently spending more than 25% of their budget on content marketing to see their online strategies turning into extra revenue. Traditional marketing is still capable of generating leads but, at $373, the $143 leads from content marketing a clearly much more valuable investment.


However, just relying on a big budget won’t get you across the finish line. This money should be directed at finding quality strategies with quality content developers and marketers – otherwise you’re looking at a scary slope. If you’re struggling to find enough funds to allocate, focus on the less expensive methods of content marketing and save the pricier content strategies for later.



Your Niche Isn’t Too Welcoming


There may be a few ways that your niche is working against you, so don’t rush into damage control before you identify where your problems might be hiding. Some industries will be pretty difficult to gain any traction in content marketing; from industries where consumers aren’t on the internet, smaller niche industries with small followings, and industries that are hard to find any interest in. There is no easy road to fix this as these circumstances come with the industry you’re in, it might just be a simple matter of formulating and testing new strategies, and running with whatever works.


Your niche could also be placing restrictions on you if there is a major competitor dominating the web, and you’re left to fill in the corners. This one is a little harder to fix, but it can be done through an unwavering perseverance. Continue to produce content, and work on making it more helpful and more relevant than theirs. Find your merry band of devoted followers – it may not be bigger than your competitors, but if you give them a good reason to love you then you could see the numbers grow!



You’re Not Marketing Your Content


Sometimes it’s the simple problems that elude us.


Content marketing is not just creating content, and waiting for the online traffic to blow your hair back. There’s another stage to your strategy which is often bizarrely overlooked -I am, of course, talking about the marketing. These two stages must complement one another; you must produce high-quality content, then you must effectively promote and market this content.


This might be through an email, social media, or sharing your content with other bloggers and site owners; however you do it, spreading the word about your content is just as important as developing quality content.

Your Content Needs Work


How does your content stack up? Is it well constructed, helpful, thought-provoking, engaging, or entertaining?
If it’s not, then you could be looking at the major flaw in your content marketing strategy. Not only could this be negatively affecting your strategy, but it’s also reflecting poorly on your brand. Maybe you’ve tried to save cash and hire a cheap content writer and hoped nobody would notice.

Maybe you’re producing your own content but you haven’t done any research into what your market wants or needs, so your content is coming across as dry or plain while you struggle to find new topics.

Regardless of whether you’re doing it yourself, or you’ve found an extra set of hands, the quality of your content will play a huge part in how successful it is. If you’re in a rather… dry industry, you may find it difficult to find new and exciting ways to develop your content. However, continue to forge ahead and think outside of the box.




Content marketing is a growing industry; companies with active blogs receive 97% more leads, and the connection from company to consumer should not be underestimated. 61% of consumers say they feel better about a company that delivers custom content, and they’re more likely to buy from them, while 78% agree that quality custom content is a sign of a business that is interested in building relationships. If you’re not paying attention to your content, or if your strategies aren’t working with your audience, then you could be damaging your reputation among your customers and harming your business overall.

Dilate Digital is a digital marketing agency, based in Perth. Our content creation and development team provide our clients with industry-leading content marketing services, and we can help you to develop fun, interesting, and engaging content for your audience.



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