Need Copywriting? Six Reasons You Need To Hire A Copywriter

Do you have a project coming up, which needs some written content? Maybe a new website, or some promotional text?

Are you thinking of doing it yourself?
If you answered ‘yes’ to all of the above, you are either a copywriter, or about to make a mistake. Because, sure, maybe nobody knows your company like you do, and maybe nobody can speak for your brand like you can… except you’re missing a crucial step. Your content isn’t only there to transmit information, unless you’re using binary code. Your content is to inspire others to engage with your brand, and to sell your product or service. The creation of powerful content can be overwhelming to the uninitiated, and extremely difficult, as it is your goal to create a desire through the written word- and nobody is made a surgeon just because they can fillet a fish. So if you feel your copywriting services needs are mounting, and you’re considering having a crack yourself, these reasons as to why you might want to hold off and leave it to the experts.

  1. A professional can be your best voice.
    While it may seem contradictory, a good copywriter will understand you and your brand before embarking on any projects, and will adjust their tone accordingly. When you hire a great copywriter, they will come prepared to learn your industry or company inside-out, in order to develop the content that will embrace that. Many copywriters also specialise in industries, ensuring that their copy matches the facts and accreditation. The distance from the topic may also give them an extra foothold, as they’re better able to understand your service from the consumer’s perspective, and will be able to use that to create effective copy.

  2. Free up your time for something useful (or useless, I’m not your mother)
    With a copywriter, you have now taken what may have been days of you poking and prodding at various sentences, and given that role to someone more adept, and more likely to be able to dive in and get it done, pronto. The content will be finished with greater efficiency and clarity, giving you more time to focus on other tasks (or hit snooze for an extra 45 minutes).

  3. They understand persuasion
    Your copy is as much a part of your advertising as the rest of your strategy, not only to inform your audience about your brand. Advertising, especially in digital media, is constantly evolving as our human reaction to it changes, and a good copywriter will create content which is compelling and persuasive, without seeming gimmicky or sales-motivated. By writing your own, you may lose sight of how to promote your product, or you may over-compensate and sound like an oily used-car salesman.

  4. They’re There Their grammar and spelling is unbeatable
    Correct punctuation, grammar, and spelling may seem superfluous to many people, but not to the copywriter. The copywriter is born breathing their craft, and is rarely one to overlook an error in spelling or grammar. And if you think that nobody has ever left a website in disgust with the spelling or use of language, think again. A copywriter can ensure your content is well-written and correctly assembled, proving to be easy on the eye for your audience.

  5. They can make anything sound fascinating
    A copywriter knows how to make any product sound interesting or compelling, and of value to the reader. Copywriters work with a variety of companies, not just latest trends, so they can find the right way to make your boring, run-of-the-mill company sound like the offer of a lifetime. With great copywriting, you can develop whole new avenues of interest for your product or service.

  6. It can affect your entire online strategy
    If you find a good copywriter, work to implement them into your overall strategy. While your website copy may be finished, continuous content will keep your online presence fresh and exciting, and well-ranked on Google. With social media, blogging, and many other online tools, your copywriter will haul in more traffic to your webpage.

Copywriting is an important skill, and is an integral part of any business. We applaud anyone brave enough to give it a go for themselves, as your brand is delicate, and a simple or careless mistake can cost you serious revenue. If you’re looking for a copywriter, or need copywriting services for your Perth business, then call the team here at Dilate. Our copywriting team are dedicated to providing our clients with powerful, concise web copy, and can help you find new ways to encourage online traffic.