The Biggest Adwords Blunders You Need To Avoid

Adwords is a fantastic tool for businesses and brands to develop their online reach and marketing because it can easily be implemented, monitored, and adjusted.

However, for some Adwords campaigners, it can be a hole in your wallet more than anything else. Why is it that some brands cannot cover the ground that others can?

The beauty of Adwords is that it provides a relatively level playing ground once you know the rules and the shortcuts – but without some prior research into how you’ll successfully utilise your Google Adwords services, you can end up confused or disappointed. Here are some of the biggest Adwords blunders that you need to avoid in 2017 to keep your campaigns on track and working efficiently.


Chasing The Wrong Keyword Match

Before you start your campaigning, make sure that you’re familiar with the three categories of keywords – this can save you major headaches.

Broad Match

When you use broad match keywords, you choose to have your ad displayed when people search your keywords. It doesn’t matter if the order of words in the search query doesn’t exactly fit how you’ve specified, for example; if you provide a dog grooming service you may choose ‘best dog grooming service perth’ to be your keyword. This means that if someone searches ‘dog grooming’, ‘perth dog grooming’, or ‘best in perth dog service’, your ad will be displayed.
However, this doesn’t always guarantee that the user actually wants their dog groomed.

Phrase Match

Phrase match keywords will need to match the order that your user entered, so your potential customer will need to search ‘best dog grooming service perth’ to find you. But they may search ‘where to find the best dog grooming service perth’ , which also would work.

Exact Match

Exact match is much more refined again – now, the user can only search your chosen keywords if you want your advertising to be displayed.


As you can see, each of these categories will seriously affect your reach. Make sure that your keywords are best suited to the type of match you’re using, and that you’re using the match that is the most powerful and cost-effective for you. This can vary among each of the campaigns that you’re running, so put in some time to considering what your audience may be searching before you structure your strategy.


Poorly Written Ads

Your advertisement will include a brief snippet about what you do, so if this is written poorly then you’re unlikely to receive many hits. It’s a small character count, but it’s all you’ve got to convince the user that your site can offer them the solution that they’re looking for. Some businesses may write their ads off the cuff or pay little attention to the content of the ad, but this is just as crucial as selecting the correct keywords. Slow down and think about how you can maximise your ad space to gain the most interest from prospective users.


Not Tracking ROI

Digital marketing with Adwords PPC is a calculated spend, but so many campaigners use the ‘set and forget’ mentality and let their Adwords run rampant just because they’re seeing some conversions. As businesses and brands, we all need to monitor every outgoing dollar and ensure that it is bringing back a few of its friends.
The costs associated with Adwords will vary on your keywords and how successful your campaign is, and it is with this information that you can develop your next strategies to be even more potent.


Glossing Over Negative Keywords

As a high-end dog groomer, you may not care much for clicks from users searching ‘cheapest budget best dog grooming service perth’. Or vice versa – you may not want people who are searching for luxury. Negative keywords allow you to exclude the keywords that you see as being detrimental to your campaign and bringing in clicks that cost you money without the return. This is the easiest way to trim the fat – both in your costs and the quality of clicks.


Not Bidding On Your Brand

With proper SEO, your brand will be displayed when it is searched as a keyword. But when you bid on your brand’s keyword, you’re ensuring that it appears at the top of the SERP organically and as an advertisement.
The other reason that this is advised is if you’re in a competitive industry. If your competitor bids on your brand as a keyword, every time someone searches ‘Dog Gone Wild Grooming’, the first brand they see is the paid advertising from ‘Cats n Dogs Best Dog Grooming’. Who knew pet grooming was so cutthroat!


Have fun and experiment with your Adwords – it’s a fantastic way to learn about how your ideal audience behaves online, and it can open up plenty of space for brand development. Here at Dilate we love Adwords campaigns, with our specialised teams working around the clock for our clients. If you need help managing your Adwords PPC campaigns, talk to our team about our one-on-one marketing consultations or about how we can do all the dirty work for you.


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