Four Tech Problems Holding Up Your SEO (And How To Fix’em)

If you’re searching for a marketing rabbit hole to fall down, we recommend SEO.

SEO starts with the basics, where it all seems relatively sensible, then as your results start rolling in you start looking for new strategies to implement and new ways to grow – as well as new brain-melting issues that YOU need to rectify. Before you know it, your local Perth amateur web designer is a fully-fledged SEO specialist!

If you’re running your own SEO services and you want to learn something new to bridge the gap from beginner to intermediate, then check out our list of four most common (and most easily fixed) tech problems that you might be overlooking. Now, this isn’t a full audit – but by troubleshooting between audits, you’ll be able to stay on top of any errors before they start costing you big bucks.

URL Canonicalization

Your audience probably wouldn’t notice if your homepage appeared as,,, etcetera.

However, we know that the search engines are noticing, and this can cause a bit of trouble. When Google decides which of the versions they index, they may decide to include a collection of your URLs, resulting in more than a little confusion. For example, if there are individual web pages which can be loaded from multiple URLs, then the links for that individual page are now being split up amongst the URLs rather than forming one powerful SEO entity.

The best way forward is to check all of your URL versions by manually entering them, and ensuring that they all maintain the same presence (this includes checking you only have one of HTTP or HTTPS versions). If you find that they don’t, then you’ll want to set up 301 redirects pronto, and use handy tools like the “site:” operator in Google Search to learn which versions of your pages are indexing. Screaming Frog has great tools for you to scan your site and find all of your pages too.


This is going to be a big gamechanger for those of you who haven’t dug into your indexing yet – the search engines essentially index your data into their results, and you can easily see how well your site is indexing by typing site:{} into Google search. It will instantly display all of your indexed pages that are ranking. With this information, you need to consider if this is the amount of pages you were expecting. If it’s less, maybe there’s a problem with your page and the search engines cannot access your site properly. Check for any pages that you might not want to be indexed, or pages that have been missed. You can also check for:

  • Subdomains
  • Old site versions that should be redirected but are still being indexed
  • Any spam or hacks, or anything else that may cause a problem for you

Brok(en) Backlink Mountain

If you’ve relaunched or moved your site without the help of an SEO services team, you may find yourself riddled with broken backlinks from other sites. For example, some of the top pages on your site may be 404 pages after the reshuffle, so the backlinks pointing back to these 404 pages are effectively broken. Great news though – there are great online tools for you to use, from Google Search Console to Moz Backlink Checker.

Once you’ve seen which page has the most carcasses of backlinks, you need to 301 redirect these to the best pages instead. After that, look for links that may be broken because the linking site entered your URL incorrectly or another error.


“Like us, our users place a lot of value in speed — that’s why we’ve decided to take site speed into account in our search rankings. We use a variety of sources to determine the speed of a site relative to other sites.” – Google.

So now that we’ve cleared up that both the user and the search engines want your site running at top speed, it’s up to you to audit your site speed and page speed, and be consistently searching for new tools to speed up your site loading times.


Hopefully this has helped you to find and resolve some problems for your SEO, but remember to perform regular site sweeps and audits to ensure that there’s nothing going astray. If you’re not finding it sunny on the SEO side of life, talk to Dilate Digital about our affordable SEO services. We can manage your SEO efforts for you, as well as give you an obligation-free business consultation where you can ask questions and gain industry-specific knowledge from one of our local experts. Call our team now, and find out how we can help you.


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