Tips To Galvanise Your 2017 Email Marketing

At the eruption of the digital age, emails were the cornerstone of log-in and communication. Providing a cheap and user-friendly service, it must’ve been rather unsettling for stockholders as the surge of social media began to eat away at these previously-exclusive joys of the web. But nobody can deny the quiet dignity that email has maintained; like a gourmet bread-and-butter pudding at a fine dining restaurant, email is steadfast. In fact, by the end of 2019, the number of worldwide email users will be at nearly 3 billion. That will mean one out of every three people globally could potentially be on your email list. With 246 billion emails being sent daily by this time, now is the time to get a firm grasp on how you can get the most from your email marketing services. And what better way to do it than here, with your friends from Dilate Digital.


Make It Personal With Dynamic Emailing

Inboxes the world over are overflowing, so how can you rise above the others and avoid an untimely ‘Move To Trash’? It’s surprisingly simple; personalised emails get 41% more click-throughs, and have almost 30% higher open rates. Sure, you’ve seen your name in the subject bar – but we’re digging deeper and getting dynamic. Dynamic email content contains HTML which adapts to the recipient, based on data accrued. You can tailor your email content to be the most appealing to each audience member, with a range of nifty online tools to get you started here. Email marketing in Perth can benefit hugely from this, as local businesses implement this to promote themselves among their WA customers with personalised content that fits like a glove.


Automate A Welcome Email For Newbies

When your audience first engages with you online and they leave their email in your database, it’s like getting that hottie’s number at the bar. There was a lot of competition, but now you have a chance – and if you’re the kind of person who follows the ‘wait three days before calling’ rule, I’ll tell you that it usually doesn’t work with dating and we definitely don’t recommend it here.
The user is excited and interested in your brand, and at that moment they want to hear more. Thinking of putting it off? The novelty may have worn off, or they might have had a better reaction from someone else.
Capitalise on this moment and automate a welcome email to your new subscribers. You can offer them a little more information on your brand, and discuss what type of content they could look forward to reading in the future to keep the interest piqued. They’ll be far more likely to remain familiar with your brand and to engage with your future emails, and it’s a great way to introduce your company to your audience in further depth.


Make Them Digestible And Interactive

Emails are less ‘articles’, more ‘personally deliverable landing pages’. This may vary for the type of email content your audience loves you for, but generally speaking, email content should be visually appealing and easily digestible, as well as informative and entertaining. Your audience may be catching the train on their way to work when they read them, or between meetings or errands. An essay-length email is pretty daunting at the best of times, so trim the fat and make that email into bite-sized chunks. Whether it’s got some images, lists, descriptive paragraph headlines, or anything else that can take the weight off, use a visually-appealing format to attract attention and maintain interest. This can be further improved on with developing interactive content in your emails. If you’re confident in your email abilities, why not add a new element of engagement within the email? Interactive content usually requires the reader to click somewhere or type in something – whether entertaining or useful, your email could develop into an entire user experience. This technology is still relatively new, so we recommend that this remains in the hands of the technologically experienced to avoid any terrible headaches from poor-functioning interactive elements.


Email is thriving, and you need to be there to make the most out of it. If your email marketing software is doing your head in, or it’s simply eating up too much of your time, talk to the email marketing specialists from your local digital marketing agency, Dilate. Our results-based strategies mean that your budget goes further and your brand grows faster.




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