Savvy SEO Services On A Shoestring Spend

Whether you’re a new business owner who can’t afford the elastic marketing budget of your competitors, or if you want to skim some cash from your marketing budget for your extortionate morning coffees (Perth coffee must have gold flakes in it these days), you should definitely take note of these SEO services and tips.

Usually you’re going to get more out of your marketing when you invest more, but this article is about trying to get more out of your marketing without investing mega-bucks – which means that you will have to work with your creative juices at a concentrative effort instead. You’ll need to think a little further out of the box than usual and to indulge in some market research to ensure that you’re remaining close to your audience. This is specialised work and not many businesses will have such an intensive look for themselves at the finer parts of SEO. Pretty soon, you could be clocking up the same ROI for your brand as any SEO company would!

Hone in on Long-tail Keywords

Your audience wants to jump straight on Google or Bing and find the answers to their needs or queries, so your business needs to understand user intent. This is why long-tail keywords – key phrases that are longer and more specific than keyword searches -are so important.

Long-tail keywords are perfect for shoestring budgets; the competition is lower due to more variations, and conversions are higher because your offering is accurate to their searches. Think about it – ‘red shoes’ could mean that the person wants to see a picture of red shoes. ‘Red winter shoes or boots for sale’ means that they probably want to buy some red winter boots, and if you’re one of the few people targeting for that then you’re in a pretty great position!

Google is always advancing their algorithm to boost up content that is relevant to specific searches and customer queries, so if you’re aiming to make yourself known in the world of long-tail keywords, Google wants you to be there too. Make the most of these reciprocal benefits, and produce high-quality content with these long-tail keywords.

Create And Publish High-Quality Guest Blogs

Share your knowledge with a brand new audience and generate backlinks, with guest blogging. It’s easy and low-cost, but it pays to execute properly.

You’ll need to find sites in your industry that accept guest blogs that are relevant to you and your brand; then you’ll need to develop a piece of content that speaks to their readership while maintaining your voice. Maintain a relationship with these other websites so you can continue to publish guest blogs and continue to boost your online rankings.

This is a great way to boost SEO with just a bit of time spent, and you can use this platform to find new audience members that may be waiting for a brand like yours to fall into their lap.

Local Optimization

You could spend megabucks and still struggle for nationwide visibility – why run before you can crawl? Local optimisation will focus your limited budget back into your local market or audience, where you can establish yourself as a trusted brand.

How, you ask? Simple:


Google My Business and Local SEO Accounts

Google My Business is the directory that Google stores local businesses on, which are what you see if you search a brand into Google. It shows opening times, contact details, reviews, and directions, so this is great for customers to find you and potentially convert.

Generate Local Reviews

Local reviews are paramount. One of our new clients is two amazing, talented women from Melbourne who run a beauty salon. After mishaps with their previous marketers, we decided to take a look at their website for them. The website has bad links, almost no images, poor presentation and a lack of content. So why the heck was it converting at all? It looked like a website someone had abandoned in 2004 but it was converting at 10%.

Do you know what it did have? Customer reviews from a dozen clients who had celebrated them and their services, and singing their praises.

Think of word-of-mouth marketing, and give those people a keyboard. This is a great way to build a reputation in your community and will increase exposure because Google Local uses these reviews to understand your business.


Every SEO company team knows the value of these tricks, and here in Perth there’s plenty of small business that could benefit from useful information such as this. Implement them at your own business and see how your brand could take off!


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