Why Facebook Advertising Works

Facebook isn’t just a way to socialise and share pictures of your cat – it’s also a great way to promote your business. If you haven’t considered Facebook advertising, now is the time to start as it’s an effective way of reaching your target audience and engaging with potential customers. Today, let’s look at the reasons that Facebook ads can be so effective.

A low cost option

Advertising can be expensive and businesses need to strike a balance between reaching their intended audience without blowing their budget. Thankfully, Facebook advertising is a relatively low cost option and you can tailor your ad campaign to suit your budget. This means you’re reaching the huge audience present on Facebook without overspending on your advertising budget.

Facebook Advertising Perth

Reach a wider audience

Tapping into Facebook advertising means that you’re reaching a bigger audience, particularly those who use mobile devices. People spend a lot of time of Facebook throughout the day, with many users accessing this platform multiple times, and well positioned ads can increase brand awareness to a large audience compared to other forms of online advertising.

Ability to target your audience

The problem with some forms of advertising is that you have to put your ad out there in the hope it eventually reaches your target audience. Facebook advertising makes the process easier by providing options to target your ads to specific demographics. You can target your ads to a specific gender, marital status, certain interests or location to make it more likely that the Facebook user viewing your ad will be interested.

Make edits easily

Even if you’ve proofread a hundred times, sometimes you just don’t notice a mistake until your ad is live. Luckily, Facebook makes things easy by allowing for quick editing of your ad as required. This means that any issues, such as typos or incorrect links, with your advertising can be rectified quickly.

Increased traffic to your website

Having strategic Facebook ads in place can lead to increased traffic to your website when interested users click on an ad. This means that people who otherwise may not have found your website are made aware of your brand and can be introduced to your product or service. Of course, you need to make sure you have interesting content within your website to give interested users a reason to return.

Provides tracking for your campaign

Even through Facebook ads are relatively inexpensive, you still want to be assured that your campaign is working for your business. To make it easy to keep track of how your campaign is going, Facebook offers a number of metrics such as how many times your ad was shown, the amount of clicks it received and cost data.

At Dilate Digital, we provide Facebook marketing for Perth businesses and help you connect with users to promote your business. Our experience and expertise in social media marketing means that your brand is promoted to your target demographic through carefully developed ads.

For Facebook advertising strategies, contact Perth based Dilate Digital today and we’d be happy to help.


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