How Retargeting Advertising Can Make Your Business Even More Successful

You know when you’re on the internet and you notice ads appear for websites you recently visited? Well, that’s retargeting advertising and it can have serious benefits for your business when you put it into practice.

Retargeting means that when someone visits your website, uses your app or gives their email address to you, they’ll continue to be shown ads for your business on other sites, social media and search engines.

And it really works!

If you don’t already have a retargeting campaign in place, now’s the time to do it and we’re to tell you why.

Provides a gentle reminder

People are always doing a million things at once and it’s easy for someone to be on your website and then get distracted with something else. Retargeting ads can be an effective way of reminding customers that they were on your website and can prompt them to finish what they were doing. These ads aren’t the annoying popup type which users tends to hate so they provide an unobtrusive reminder.

Cost effective

Remarketing advertising is a cost-effective marketing strategy for your business because it only targets people who have already shown an interest in your business. Some forms of advertising try to get the attention of everyone and anyone which can be a bit hit and miss. The fact that remarketing is specially targeted means it costs less and provides better results.

Better brand recall

One of the biggest goals of any business is brand recognition. You want customers to get to know who you are and what you do. With retargeting, your brand is constantly popping up in different places and even if people don’t click on the ads too often, it means that you’re the first business they think of when it comes to your particular product or service.

Makes marketing sense

Failing to use retargeting advertising is a missed marketing opportunity. Think about how many times a customer may have almost made a purchase before getting distracted or have been looking at your business on social media before having the get back to work. If you’re not making yourself visible and encouraging them back to your website, you’re missing out on potential conversions.

Engages visitors

There are a lot of different types of retargeting ads you can choose and they can be used to engage previous visitors to your website. For example, your ad could show a current promotion you have going on to engage customers who have previously used your service. It could also show a similar product to one that a visitor has previously been interested in. The creativity that comes of retargeting ads is a great opportunity to continually engage your audience.

Dilate Digital can help you use AdWords retargeting and remarketing to encourage visitors back to your website. Don’t worry, we handle all the set up and technical work while designing remarketing ads which will engage your customer base and lead to improved conversions.

At Dilate Digital, we can help your business develop a retargeting marketing campaign. Give us a call today on 1300 345 283.


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