4 Ways To Make Your AdWords Campaign More Effective

Although it’s possible to increase your search engine rankings organically with a successful digital marketing strategy, there are times when you might want to give your business a bit of a boost. An AdWords campaign, which is a popular form of PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, provides businesses with a way to get to the top spot of Google searches easily. Of course, it isn’t as simple as making a few ads and getting instant results – there’s a bit of an art to getting it right with your AdWords.

Dilate Digital are an AdWords consultant in Perth and our extensive experience means we know how to create a successful campaign. With that in mind, we’re here to share out top tips for a successful AdWords campaign.

1.      Get your keywords right

With AdWords, it’s all about inserting the right keywords into your ads so you need to do some keyword research before you start submitting ads. To make things easier, Google provide a number of tools to help find highly ranked keywords relevant to your product or service. You can then incorporate these keywords into your ads in an engaging way.

2.      Optimise your landing pages

Your ads are designed to capture the interest of your audience and get them to click – your website needs to do the rest. It’s no good having great click rates on your ads only to have visitors leave your site immediately. Make your landing pages clear and informative so visitors can see that your product or service matches the message provided in your ads so they can immediately see they haven’t been misled. Your landing page should also tell your visitor what they should do next.

3.      Target your audience

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a wider net will engage more visitors. It’s better to target your ads so people who will actually be interested in your business are clicking onto your website. Targeting your audience can be achieve by using specific keywords rather than phrases which are too general. You can also target through language and location. Think about your audience and write the ad with them in mind.

4.      Keep track of your ads

When you only have a limited amount of money to spend on paid advertising, it’s a waste of your budget if you never check how your ads are doing. Use Google analytics to see how successful your ads are and if you find some aren’t performing well, you can put them on hold and try a different approach. Tracking the success of your ads will optimise your campaign and see what’s working.

Dilate Digital provide a range of digital marketing services for your business and will develop an awesome strategy which will help your business grow. We are a Google AdWords specialist who can help your business develop a successful AdWords campaign to grow your customer base and target your desired audience. If you want more information about how AdWords can help your business, speak to one of the team today.

If you’re looking for a Google AdWords agency for your business, contact Dilate Digital today on 1300 345 283.


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