Web design 101: How to Make Your Website Pop

They say that content is king but you also need to have an attractive and accessible website if you want visitors to keep coming back. Your website is the first impression visitors get of your business so you need to make it count. If you’re looking to overhaul the web design for your Perth business, keep reading for our strategies for making your website stand out.

Keep it clutter free

It’s easy to get over excited with your website design and fill up every possible space with pictures, scrollbars and graphics. However, too much clutter can be overwhelming for visitors and they just won’t know where to look. Don’t be afraid of paring things back and leaving some blank spaces on your website. You want visitors to be drawn to important parts of the site such as key content and calls to action.

Web Design Perth

Use high quality images

Invest in high quality professional photographs on your website to add to the visual design. People are drawn to beautiful images and it can make all the difference to invest in quality. If you use stock images, make sure they’re high quality and show up well on the website. If an image doesn’t look professional, don’t use it.

Make it mobile friendly

With people relying on their mobile devices to search the internet, it’s no good having an aesthetically beautiful website which is slow to load or doesn’t display properly on mobile devices. Make sure any web design you go with is also mobile friendly for ease of use or you risk users closing you down pretty quickly.

Use an easy to read font

Although an elaborate, cursive font may look amazing, it can be off-putting to visitors when they have to struggle to make out what the text says. Leave out exotic fonts and instead opt for something that’s easy to read. To test whether you’ve chosen the right font, ask people to have a look at your preliminary design for feedback as to readability.

Don’t go nuts with colour

It can be tempting when designing your website to go for striking colours but you need to make sure your colour scheme doesn’t drown out your content. Make sure your colours don’t clash and experiment with different palettes until you find the right combination.

Consult an expert

Although you can have a go at designing your website yourself through tools such as WordPress, it’s easy to find yourself halfway through the process only to realise you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. Get some preliminary ideas together and approach some website designers for a consultation. They can help to develop your ideas and manage the nitty gritty details of the actual web design.

Whether it’s ecommerce website design or a general business website, Dilate Digital will work with you to develop a unique and user friendly website. Our websites are mobile friendly, easy for you to update and we use the latest technologies to create a design that’s beautiful and functional.

To speak with one of our website designers, contact Perth based Dilate Digital today and we’d be happy to help.

Why SEO is Essential For Perth Businesses

Stand out from the crowd: Why SEO is essential for Perth businesses

If you’re not already on board with an SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy for your Perth business, it’s not too late to get things started. It is all about increasing your visibility in search engine results through a number of strategies and if you want to compete online with other similar businesses, you need to start investing in your SEO or you risk being left behind. Not convinced you need to develop an Search engine optimization strategy for your business? Read on!

Brand awareness and visibility

The online world of business is a competitive one – if users are searching for a particular product or service, chances are that they’ll be left with thousands upon thousands of results. The trick is to make sure your business is right at the top of the search engine results which is where your SEO strategy comes in. Users are impatient and if your business is showing on the second page of search results, you’re very unlikely to be seen. However, with a strong SEO campaign in place, your brand is right up there above the rest of the competition.

A user friendly experience

Any good SEO strategy isn’t just about your website ranking highly in search engine results – it’s also about optimising your website to make it as easy as possible for visitors to navigate. There’s nothing more off-putting to a potential customer than finding themselves in clumsily set out website but a good SEO strategy coupled with strong content means that your website is clear and gives the visitor exactly what they want. Used correctly, SEO will help increase traffic to your website, give credibility to your brand and provide clarity to potential customers.

 If you don’t, the competition will

SEO isn’t going anywhere and if you decide that you don’t want to make it a priority for your business, there will be other businesses that are taking their SEO strategy seriously and will have better visibility above you. The trend towards people using search engines to find products and services will only increase in the digital age, particularly with the increase in mobile devices, so you need to make sure the competition doesn’t leave you behind.

SEO can fit any budget

The great thing about SEO is that you can adjust your strategy to suit your budget. Some businesses may worry that SEO will cost the earth but there are simple and cost effective steps you can take to improve your SEO and reap the benefits of higher search engine ranking.

Dilate Digital is an digital marketing company based in Perth who specialise in digital marketing solutions for your business. No matter the size of your business, we can help to develop your SEO which will increase your visibility and beat the competition. We offer a number of services around keyword analysis, page optimisation and link building and we work with you to develop a targeted strategy.

For more information about how our Search Engine Optimization services can help your Perth business kick goals, contact us today and we’d be happy to help.

Top 5 Benefits of PPC Advertising For Perth Businesses

While it’s possible to achieve high search engine ranking for your business organically, this can mean a lot of work which is why many businesses also use PPC (pay-per-click) advertising to appear at the top of search engine results. While some businesses are reluctant to take the first steps into paid advertising, there are a number of compelling benefits to adding this strategy to your digital marketing campaign. When it’s done right, PPC for Perth businesses is an important part of your digital marketing strategy and helps you stand out from the competition.

Increased visibility

The beauty of PPC advertising is that you have increased visibility when compared to organic search results and you appear right at the top of search engine results. For the impatient digital audience, the closer you are to the top of the search results the better and paid ads are a fantastic way to get the edge over your competitors.

Improved conversions

Because you’re connecting with users who are actively searching for your product or service at that time, you have a greater chance that a click on your ad will lead to a conversion into a sale or other action. Your conversion rate for your ads can be improved by simple steps such as making your keywords specific, such as specifying that your business is located in Perth.

Reach your target audience

Rather than a general advertising campaign where you reach out to everyone in the hope of coming across someone who might be interested in your business, PPC advertising allows you to tailor your ads to your target audience. The ability control factor like the location, timing and keywords of your ads means you’re more likely to reach your ideal demographic.

Flexible budget

You can choose your own budget for your PPC campaign and adjust this along the way when needed. This means you can cap your budget at an amount you’re comfortable with so your campaign doesn’t get away from you. Speaking of your budget, you only pay when a user clicks on your ad so you know your money is well spent.

Measurable results

One of the best things about PPC advertising is that you can measure everything to see how effective your campaign is. If you’re finding that you’re not getting enough clicks or a particular ad is too expensive, you can try other things to optimise your results. It leaves out the guesswork and gives you the right tools to monitor progress.

The most common form of PPC advertising is through Google AdWords and to assist with your AdWords, Perth businesses can turn to a digital marketing agency for assistance. For AdWords services for your business, look no further than Dilate Digital. Our skilled staff will work with you and your business to develop an AdWords strategy so you can get on top of your competition.

For more information, give us a call today and we’d be happy to have a chat.

Dilate Digital is a leading digital marketing consultancy that provides high PPC Advertising services to small and large sized businesses. Our PPC services are powerful enough that can let your business to shine on the digital map.

Savvy SEO Services On A Shoestring Spend

Whether you’re a new business owner who can’t afford the elastic marketing budget of your competitors, or if you want to skim some cash from your marketing budget for your extortionate morning coffees (Perth coffee must have gold flakes in it these days), you should definitely take note of these SEO services and tips.

Usually you’re going to get more out of your marketing when you invest more, but this article is about trying to get more out of your marketing without investing mega-bucks – which means that you will have to work with your creative juices at a concentrative effort instead. You’ll need to think a little further out of the box than usual and to indulge in some market research to ensure that you’re remaining close to your audience. This is specialised work and not many businesses will have such an intensive look for themselves at the finer parts of SEO. Pretty soon, you could be clocking up the same ROI for your brand as any SEO company would!

Hone in on Long-tail Keywords

Your audience wants to jump straight on Google or Bing and find the answers to their needs or queries, so your business needs to understand user intent. This is why long-tail keywords – key phrases that are longer and more specific than keyword searches -are so important.

Long-tail keywords are perfect for shoestring budgets; the competition is lower due to more variations, and conversions are higher because your offering is accurate to their searches. Think about it – ‘red shoes’ could mean that the person wants to see a picture of red shoes. ‘Red winter shoes or boots for sale’ means that they probably want to buy some red winter boots, and if you’re one of the few people targeting for that then you’re in a pretty great position!

Google is always advancing their algorithm to boost up content that is relevant to specific searches and customer queries, so if you’re aiming to make yourself known in the world of long-tail keywords, Google wants you to be there too. Make the most of these reciprocal benefits, and produce high-quality content with these long-tail keywords.

Create And Publish High-Quality Guest Blogs

Share your knowledge with a brand new audience and generate backlinks, with guest blogging. It’s easy and low-cost, but it pays to execute properly.

You’ll need to find sites in your industry that accept guest blogs that are relevant to you and your brand; then you’ll need to develop a piece of content that speaks to their readership while maintaining your voice. Maintain a relationship with these other websites so you can continue to publish guest blogs and continue to boost your online rankings.

This is a great way to boost SEO with just a bit of time spent, and you can use this platform to find new audience members that may be waiting for a brand like yours to fall into their lap.

Local Optimization

You could spend megabucks and still struggle for nationwide visibility – why run before you can crawl? Local optimisation will focus your limited budget back into your local market or audience, where you can establish yourself as a trusted brand.

How, you ask? Simple:


Google My Business and Local SEO Accounts

Google My Business is the directory that Google stores local businesses on, which are what you see if you search a brand into Google. It shows opening times, contact details, reviews, and directions, so this is great for customers to find you and potentially convert.

Generate Local Reviews

Local reviews are paramount. One of our new clients is two amazing, talented women from Melbourne who run a beauty salon. After mishaps with their previous marketers, we decided to take a look at their website for them. The website has bad links, almost no images, poor presentation and a lack of content. So why the heck was it converting at all? It looked like a website someone had abandoned in 2004 but it was converting at 10%.

Do you know what it did have? Customer reviews from a dozen clients who had celebrated them and their services, and singing their praises.

Think of word-of-mouth marketing, and give those people a keyboard. This is a great way to build a reputation in your community and will increase exposure because Google Local uses these reviews to understand your business.


Every SEO company team knows the value of these tricks, and here in Perth there’s plenty of small business that could benefit from useful information such as this. Implement them at your own business and see how your brand could take off!

10 TED Talks To Inspire And Excite Business-Makers And Big Thinkers

If you’ve been living under a rock of disillusionment and lethargy, it’s time for you to crawl out and greet the world of TED Talks.  TED Talks are a popular circuit of conferences held globally which live up to their tagline of ‘ideas worth spreading’. No matter what you’re into, TED Talks can show you a brand new perspective with compelling and creative flair.
From Bill Gates and Bono to Jamie Oliver and Julian Assange, TED Talks are packed with humour, knowledge, and invaluable insights – this is your chance for a business consultation from industry giants. We’ve dug up a treasure trove of speakers, perfect for sparking brain cells as you deliberate over your business, brand, or big idea.
Marketing guru and successful author, Seth Godin delves into the concept of why bizarre, bad, or bawdy ideas are more successful at gaining our attention than boring or banal ones. This talk will make your understanding of ‘ideas’ do cartwheels with the concept that being too ‘good’ can actually be detrimental, and encourages businesses and entrepreneurs to be remarkable and ready to roll the dice on risks. Godin has proven his mettle and published a number of bestsellers including “Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable” and “All Marketers Are Liars”.
Behavioural economics is an ace up your sleeve if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner. Rory Sutherland is the Vice Chairman of Ogilvy and Mather, an advertising and marketing agency that towers over the globe – one good reason to take down every word. Listen as Rory explores why changing the perceived value of a brand, product, or service, can influence opinions and purchase decisions. Sutherland’s presentation has been crafted to be not only astute and entertaining but brimming with vital material for any and every business owner and entrepreneur.
Dan Ariely is a professor, author, and behavioural economist, and his astonishing research findings illustrate to the extent that the decisions we make are not only inevitable, but predictable. Listen closely, because the cogency of this concept can not only assist you in maximising your business performance, but could help with your budding marketing campaigns. Ariely has written a selection of books on this subject including “Predictably Irrational” and “The Honest Truth About Dishonesty”.
Columbia University strategic communications professor, author, and motivational speaker. Simon Sinek’s deceivingly simple name conceals the list of impressive titles. His understated but stirring leadership model echoes this, beginning with the “golden circle of motivation” and moving into why you do what you do, rather than what you actually do. He has written a book exploring this subject further called “Start With Why”,
5) WHERE GOOD IDEAS COME FROM  BY STEVEN JOHNSON We’ve all seen the lightbulb ‘Eureka’ moment – where ideas are reduced to that one moment of absolute clarity. Steven Johnson refutes this process with the evidence of history on his side, and will have you pondering your next big idea. Johnson is an author of multiple bestsellers, showcasing the intersection of science and technology intertwined with his personal experience. His book “Where Good Ideas Come From” touches on this TED topic, and expands further into the history of human innovation.
6) THE PUZZLE OF MOTIVATION  BY DANIEL PINK If you’ve been using cash like a carrot on the end of a stick, then check out this TED Talk to rethink your conventional reward system. Using cold hard cash to motivate your staff may actually be more harm than good. Pink is an author, journalist, and former speechwriter for Vice President Al Gore. In this talk, he examines the possibility that people will actually perform worse when motivated by monetary rewards.
7) THE 8 SECRETS OF SUCCESS  BY RICHARD ST. JOHN “Is success a result of luck or intelligence?” According to renowned author and success analyst, Richard St.John, the answer is neither. St. John has spoken to over five hundred very successful people and asked them to define what it was that they would credit their success to. The final results of these answers revealed eight traits that are attributable to successful people. Read more in St. John’s book “The 8 Traits Successful People Have in Common”.
‘Chalk and cheese’ you’re thinking, right? Marketing and physics might seem to appear on opposite ends of the spectrum, but Cobley, a marketing director of Google, has an unbridled enthusiasm for both. Cobley uses the scientific method of Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, Newton’s second law of motion, and the second law for thermodynamics to reimagine fundamental theories of branding.
Esteemed president and co-founder of 37Signals – a company specialising in web-based productivity tools. He is adamant that the ‘office’ isn’t good place to work, with ‘ASAP’ and meetings creating toxicity. His suggestions can help you to charter your office back towards success, and he’s dishing out this advice in his talk. If this topic intrigues you, read an extended piece in the book “REWORK”, co-authored with David Heinemeier Hansson, to unearth new ways to ideate creating and working.
Parents will love this one – Herold maintains that weekly allowances encourage children to form the wrong habits while nurturing the expectation of a regular paycheck. Cameron Herold doesn’t provide his children with a weekly allowance – instead, his children are encouraged to look for work in the yard or around the house and negotiate a price, developing their entrepreneurial spirit and forward-thinking. Herold makes a compelling case for a new form of education and parenting to give budding entrepreneurs the tools to forge their path, rather than teaching them to limit themselves to the path predetermined for them by current sociological constructs. Herold has been raising businesses from the dust all this life and uses this knowledge to coach CEO’s from across the world. Read more in his book “Double Double”, designed to help businesses double their profits and revenues in three years or less.

6 Key Sales Principles Of Influence From The Dilate Archives

Because who doesn’t love the sound of their own voice?

We’ve been indulging in some light reading of Dilate articles gone by – half-expecting to dig up thinkpieces riddled with outdated SEO tips and recommendations for softwares now long dead and gone.

Imagine our surprise when we stumbled across this forgotten gem – still ferociously relevant and keen-eyed, these 6 influence principles of selling are focussed around the psychological triggers and consumer behavioural attributes that can provide you with seriously outstanding results for your digital marketing and conversion rate optimisation. Read on to learn more about the human traits that will always define digital marketing and web design, no matter how far and wide the technology grows.


Most business owners understand the inherent importance of consistency when aiming to attract and retain a customer base.

A public commitment to your business mission will prompt potential customers to gravitate towards your brand, and provide you with the incentive to remain closely aligned with this mission statement. Your consistency instills trust, and you’ll find customers more likely to make commitments to your product or service.

Nurture the small commitments – even an email subscription or social media following can blossom into a fully-fledged purchase. If you can make a compelling offer to get your product into their home, the familiarity of your brand makes them far more likely to purchase from you in the future.

For example, many online shoppers will know the feeling of reassurance when they read a no-fuss returns policy. No obligation? I can just try it on and send it back if I don’t like it? I’ll take twenty!

By the time the cash is sent and the product is received, the buyer has committed to the product anyway and will probably not return it (unless there’s a serious defect).

The general theory of reciprocity that customers may feel urged to offer something in return. If you’ve ever wandered through a supermarket and found one of those day-defining free sample stands, you’ve probably experienced this first hand when you found yourself compelled to buy the cheese you just stood there snacking on for forty minutes. Just me?

This can be a massive psychological trigger for online retailers, where you can simply offer a free gift with a purchase. Sample sizes of other products can give your customers the opportunity to experience a new product which they might be tempted into purchasing with their next order.

If you don’t deal in physical products, you can still enlist this principle in the form of e-books, free recipes or newsletters, or something else to generate gratitude – and hopefully a sense of reciprocity.

Emotive connections are an integral aspect of customer-brand relationships.
Most customer service experts will know that a honeyed smile and a warm reception will go a lot further than a vinegary grimace, and this extends to your product and how it is interpreted by your customers. This is why our beloved celebrities often endorse products that would otherwise lack that adoration.

You might not have room in the budget for a big-name celebrity to jack up your likability, but it is still possible to maximise this – tell your story and create a personable brand infused with real world experiences and relatable outlooks. Hark, for example, social media.

You can develop your brand to be the ‘celebrity’. Some companies are known for their outrageous tweets, scathing social commentaries, or entertaining online musings, and social media allows your brand to fan out across audiences as they like and share and like and share.

Think of safety in numbers – social proof can cement your reputation for better or worse, so consider the power of popularity and credibility.

It can be as simple as offering a ‘Most Popular’ page, where visitors can quickly see how sought-after your products are. This can be verified by online ratings and reviews left by previous buyers and provides the consumer with the assurance that other people love what you’re doing, so probably they will too.


To develop customer confidence, establish yourself as a figure of authority in your niche.
Because, in our heart of hearts, we’re programmed to succeed socially, we are also programmed to seek out and respect hierarchies of authority. If you can present yourself as an industry leading thinker, or provide customer support for your products from professionals within your niche. If you sell a selection of kitchenwares, you may invite a professional chef to pick out his favourites and create a collection

Tips To Galvanise Your 2017 Email Marketing

At the eruption of the digital age, emails were the cornerstone of log-in and communication. Providing a cheap and user-friendly service, it must’ve been rather unsettling for stockholders as the surge of social media began to eat away at these previously-exclusive joys of the web. But nobody can deny the quiet dignity that email has maintained; like a gourmet bread-and-butter pudding at a fine dining restaurant, email is steadfast. In fact, by the end of 2019, the number of worldwide email users will be at nearly 3 billion. That will mean one out of every three people globally could potentially be on your email list. With 246 billion emails being sent daily by this time, now is the time to get a firm grasp on how you can get the most from your email marketing services. And what better way to do it than here, with your friends from Dilate Digital.


Make It Personal With Dynamic Emailing

Inboxes the world over are overflowing, so how can you rise above the others and avoid an untimely ‘Move To Trash’? It’s surprisingly simple; personalised emails get 41% more click-throughs, and have almost 30% higher open rates. Sure, you’ve seen your name in the subject bar – but we’re digging deeper and getting dynamic. Dynamic email content contains HTML which adapts to the recipient, based on data accrued. You can tailor your email content to be the most appealing to each audience member, with a range of nifty online tools to get you started here. Email marketing in Perth can benefit hugely from this, as local businesses implement this to promote themselves among their WA customers with personalised content that fits like a glove.


Automate A Welcome Email For Newbies

When your audience first engages with you online and they leave their email in your database, it’s like getting that hottie’s number at the bar. There was a lot of competition, but now you have a chance – and if you’re the kind of person who follows the ‘wait three days before calling’ rule, I’ll tell you that it usually doesn’t work with dating and we definitely don’t recommend it here.
The user is excited and interested in your brand, and at that moment they want to hear more. Thinking of putting it off? The novelty may have worn off, or they might have had a better reaction from someone else.
Capitalise on this moment and automate a welcome email to your new subscribers. You can offer them a little more information on your brand, and discuss what type of content they could look forward to reading in the future to keep the interest piqued. They’ll be far more likely to remain familiar with your brand and to engage with your future emails, and it’s a great way to introduce your company to your audience in further depth.


Make Them Digestible And Interactive

Emails are less ‘articles’, more ‘personally deliverable landing pages’. This may vary for the type of email content your audience loves you for, but generally speaking, email content should be visually appealing and easily digestible, as well as informative and entertaining. Your audience may be catching the train on their way to work when they read them, or between meetings or errands. An essay-length email is pretty daunting at the best of times, so trim the fat and make that email into bite-sized chunks. Whether it’s got some images, lists, descriptive paragraph headlines, or anything else that can take the weight off, use a visually-appealing format to attract attention and maintain interest. This can be further improved on with developing interactive content in your emails. If you’re confident in your email abilities, why not add a new element of engagement within the email? Interactive content usually requires the reader to click somewhere or type in something – whether entertaining or useful, your email could develop into an entire user experience. This technology is still relatively new, so we recommend that this remains in the hands of the technologically experienced to avoid any terrible headaches from poor-functioning interactive elements.


Email is thriving, and you need to be there to make the most out of it. If your email marketing software is doing your head in, or it’s simply eating up too much of your time, talk to the email marketing specialists from your local digital marketing agency, Dilate. Our results-based strategies mean that your budget goes further and your brand grows faster.



The Web’s Best Alternative Search Engines Your SEO Is Getting You On

Google has basically defined the Internet experience for most of the world’s population.

And you might think that your SEO is all for Google – we’ve got news, Perth.

Because we have been on a treasure hunt through some of the webs best alternative search engines, and our Perth SEO expert consultant is loving the change in scenery. Scroll down to see the search engines that you’re missing out on.



From a marketing perspective, Google is fantastic. But sometimes we’re the consumers too, and sometimes we don’t want the search engines to track our data. DuckDuckGo doesn’t track or store any information about you, and the results won’t be affected by your personal information. This could make your search results less relevant, but for some this is a small price to pay for privacy.



This is the Russian equivalent of Google, so if your product or service is targeted to a Russian consumer base then this is the search engine to investigate.



Ecosia takes the ad revenue that they generate, and use it to plant a tree every time you search! New favourite search engine? Yep, me too.



Similar to DuckDuckGo, this site doesn’t bother retaining your data or using cookies. You can set search preferences to refine your results, but these will be wiped after 90 days and you can go back to the shadows of the web.



Like Yandex to Russia, Baidu is China’s dominant search engine. Want to tap into the Chinese market? This is your search engine!

For more search engine and SEO tips, check out the rest of our blogs from our expert panel of Dilate digital marketing specialists, or call our team and arrange a consultation.

Four Tech Problems Holding Up Your SEO (And How To Fix’em)

If you’re searching for a marketing rabbit hole to fall down, we recommend SEO.

SEO starts with the basics, where it all seems relatively sensible, then as your results start rolling in you start looking for new strategies to implement and new ways to grow – as well as new brain-melting issues that YOU need to rectify. Before you know it, your local Perth amateur web designer is a fully-fledged SEO specialist!

If you’re running your own SEO services and you want to learn something new to bridge the gap from beginner to intermediate, then check out our list of four most common (and most easily fixed) tech problems that you might be overlooking. Now, this isn’t a full audit – but by troubleshooting between audits, you’ll be able to stay on top of any errors before they start costing you big bucks.

URL Canonicalization

Your audience probably wouldn’t notice if your homepage appeared as http://www.___.com, www___.com/home, ___.com, etcetera.

However, we know that the search engines are noticing, and this can cause a bit of trouble. When Google decides which of the versions they index, they may decide to include a collection of your URLs, resulting in more than a little confusion. For example, if there are individual web pages which can be loaded from multiple URLs, then the links for that individual page are now being split up amongst the URLs rather than forming one powerful SEO entity.

The best way forward is to check all of your URL versions by manually entering them, and ensuring that they all maintain the same presence (this includes checking you only have one of HTTP or HTTPS versions). If you find that they don’t, then you’ll want to set up 301 redirects pronto, and use handy tools like the “site:” operator in Google Search to learn which versions of your pages are indexing. Screaming Frog has great tools for you to scan your site and find all of your pages too.


This is going to be a big gamechanger for those of you who haven’t dug into your indexing yet – the search engines essentially index your data into their results, and you can easily see how well your site is indexing by typing site:{yoursitename.com} into Google search. It will instantly display all of your indexed pages that are ranking. With this information, you need to consider if this is the amount of pages you were expecting. If it’s less, maybe there’s a problem with your page and the search engines cannot access your site properly. Check for any pages that you might not want to be indexed, or pages that have been missed. You can also check for:

  • Subdomains
  • Old site versions that should be redirected but are still being indexed
  • Any spam or hacks, or anything else that may cause a problem for you

Brok(en) Backlink Mountain

If you’ve relaunched or moved your site without the help of an SEO services team, you may find yourself riddled with broken backlinks from other sites. For example, some of the top pages on your site may be 404 pages after the reshuffle, so the backlinks pointing back to these 404 pages are effectively broken. Great news though – there are great online tools for you to use, from Google Search Console to Moz Backlink Checker.

Once you’ve seen which page has the most carcasses of backlinks, you need to 301 redirect these to the best pages instead. After that, look for links that may be broken because the linking site entered your URL incorrectly or another error.


“Like us, our users place a lot of value in speed — that’s why we’ve decided to take site speed into account in our search rankings. We use a variety of sources to determine the speed of a site relative to other sites.” – Google.

So now that we’ve cleared up that both the user and the search engines want your site running at top speed, it’s up to you to audit your site speed and page speed, and be consistently searching for new tools to speed up your site loading times.


Hopefully this has helped you to find and resolve some problems for your SEO, but remember to perform regular site sweeps and audits to ensure that there’s nothing going astray. If you’re not finding it sunny on the SEO side of life, talk to Dilate Digital about our affordable SEO services. We can manage your SEO efforts for you, as well as give you an obligation-free business consultation where you can ask questions and gain industry-specific knowledge from one of our local experts. Call our team now, and find out how we can help you.

What Is Adwords PPC, And How Does It Affect Your SEO?

Google Adwords is a great tool for marketers everywhere. PPC advertising is taking off from Tokyo to Tassie, Paris to Perth, as consumers increasingly rely on search engines to deliver them the information what they need, and your brand needs to be front-and-centre. Don’t know what PPC services or SEO are? No worries – read our handy little article to get your advertising goals lined up and ready to go in 2017.


Adwords PPC Advertising:


When you search a query into Google, you’ll notice the advertisement suggestions appearing before the organic search results. It’s these spaces that your ad could appear – Adwords simply needs you to refine the search terms that you want your advertisement to show up for, such as industry or branding terms, and to decide on your budget.

PPC, or pay-per-click, essentially means that you will not be charged per advertisement but per click that your advertisement gets.


To select a keyword or phrase that you want your advertisement to show up for, you’ll need to bid on them te secure a spot above your competitors. Depending on how many other advertisers are circling your chosen keywords, your bid might need to be more or less – but it should always be reflective of the value of these clicks. For example, you wouldn’t spend truckloads of cash trying to get your FAQ page in front of consumers, because that page probably wouldn’t help you convince them to purchase something or commit to your brand – so you’ve just paid for nothing. It’s important to take into consideration the efficacy of the page your consumer will be taken to, and how likely you are to see a return on investment.




Search engine optimisation requires you to consider your site a little differently. For a search engine to include your site on its list of organic search results, it needs to know what your website is about. Therefore, it is up to you to make your website as appealing and comprehensive to the search engines as much as the consumer. This could mean including keyword terms from your niche, nurturing quality backlinks, and other handy little tricks we’ve detailed elsewhere in our blog, like here and here.


So you may be wondering why you’d need to put so much time into SEO if you can pay for Adwords, or why you’d pay for Adwords when you can get great search results rankings with powerful SEO.


Our advice? Double down and do both.


Adwords comes with great keyword research tools, and you can use this to determine the keywords that are working best in your industry to feature naturally throughout your website to help your SEO.

For example, Jeff owns a sunscreen company here in Perth. Jeff had made a pretty simple website, mentioning keywords such as ‘perth sunscreen’, but it wasn’t until he began using Adwords and researching keywords that he found most of Perth was looking for ‘sun block’, ‘sun tan lotion’, and ‘sun cream’. By including these keywords naturally, Jeff is now making himself more visible to a whole new audience. Go get that money, Jeff.


SEO doesn’t just work on Google either; all search engines operate much the same way, so if you’re search engine optimised then even Bing and Ecosia will come looking for you. Not a bad result for something you can do for free! SEO traffic is also valuable to tend to because it doesn’t simply drop off when your budget runs out.
Adwords is a quick, easy way to create advertising campaigns and learn about your audience, which can drive your advertising power in future campaigns. Jump in headfirst and see what you can do for your business using Adwords and SEO – you’ll love the results! If you think you need some help with your PPC services, call our friendly team and ask how we can help, or arrange a one-on-one consultation with one of our marketing gurus.